WD Policy

Wasif Design Associates is committed to conducting all of our business activities with integrity, social responsibility and in compliance with all legal and ethical standards of Australia.

Wasif Design Associates requires strict compliance with this commonly accepted Code of Conduct from all of our suppliers, manufacturers, subcontractors and other production facilities. Wasif Design believes that by insisting on compliance, it will allow us to offer safe products, produced in a safe environment, while complying with all applicable national, local and international laws and regulations. To do this, they must ensure compliance with the following:

Health and Safety

  • The workplace must be a safe and healthy environment based on the recognized international standards, local laws and regulations.
  • The factory and all work areas must be well lighted and ventilated.
  • The workplace must have sufficient operational and inspected fire extinguishers, and people trained to operate them. The workplace must also have functioning fire alarms.
  • All work areas must have clearly marked exits. These exits must remain unlocked and accessible during all working hours.
  • All doors, aisles, exits, stairwells and traffic areas are to be kept clear and accessible for easy evacuation.
  • All equipment must be maintained in good operating condition and up to code.
  • All factories must provide a well-stocked first-aid kit in each work area.


Wages, Hours and Benefits

  • Our manufacturers and their associated suppliers must comply with all laws regulating wages, working hours, overtime and employee benefits for the particular country in which they are located.
  • All workers must be paid at least the national minimum wage.
  • Prohibition of Discriminatory Practices
  • Workers will not experience discrimination in hiring, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on gender, age, religion, race, social background, disability, ethnic and national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristics.

Environment Issues

  • All factories must abide by federal environmental laws.
  • The factory must have in place policies and procedures for waste management, handling and disposal of chemicals and other dangerous materials. All emissions and effluent treatments must meet or exceed minimum legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Wasif Design insists our vendors and their associated suppliers share our commitment to a clean and safe environment.

Wasif Design Associates reserves the right to either conduct its own inspections or have an appointed third party organization conduct inspections of Wasif Design supplier’s factories, workplace environments, employment practices, records, and facilities at any time to ensure they are operating at a level meeting or exceeding Wasif Design’s high standards.