Wasif Hafeez

(Brand Strategist, Director)

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from the internationally renowned and leading institute, the National College of Arts and a Diploma in Graphic Design from RMIT, drives Wasif’s passion for all things visual.

But Wasif’s vast experience and knowledge is not limited by his qualifications. His great understanding and concept of design goes back to his roots, right back to his heritage and a long line of visionaries, inventers and creative minds.

Wasif grew up in a family that prides itself as being the pioneers of the ocular prosthetic field in Pakistan. His father, Zahid Hafeez, is the only expert ocularist serving the country. Ocularistry is a small and specialised field of prosthetics that helps give people a sense of normalcy after losing a major organ of the human body, the eyes.

Faraz Rana

(Senior Design Associate)

Faraz Rana brings extensive experience as a digital designer and desktop publisher to WD Corporate Design Solutions.

With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design and an Associate Diploma in Engineering in Printing and Graphic Arts, Faraz has a passion for generating new ideas for advertisement collateral for businesses of all sizes.

His excellent customer service skills enable him to communicate complex creative ideas to his clients, while his PC/Mac skills and proficient command of various applications (Adobe), allows Faraz to produce design according to specific client requirements.

Faraz is also working as a watercolour artist and an illustrator for past 22 years.

Aliya Shami

(Copywriter and Editor)

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Aliya loves to write. From a young age she dabbled in writing fictional stories for her classmates at school as she felt that there was a shortage of good story books for kids of her age.

Her passion for writing led to a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and Political Science and a natural transition into a career in writing. After working for a few years as a freelance writer for The Dawn newspaper, one of the leading English newspapers in Pakistan, she migrated to Melbourne, Australia.

Realising that her degree was invalid to pursue her journalistic dreams in Australia, Aliya decided to follow a similar but distinct path by choosing the emerging field of Public Relations, attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations from Deakin University.

Her degree led to more than 10 years of work experience in the field of communications before she finally decided to go her own way as a freelance writer and editor.

Her ability to give meaning to words and her many years of experience as a creative writer and communications specialist makes Aliya a capable team member of WD Corporate Design Solutions.